aint workin pal

Hello World! :)

My Day So Far

So today so far has gone fairly well, good progress on my Language, English, and MUN class. Right now im in CompSci. and im learning to make and create a website, and I must say im pretty excited! I do want to continue working into the field of computer science and somewhat engineering so im fine with where I am right now. Its pretty chilly here and hope the weather stays this way since I prefer it to be cold rather than hot. Tomorrow is also Friday and I cant wait to just relax all day and hang out with friends whether it be by my Xbox or in real life. I have 2 more periods after this then Friday will literally be right around the corner, im already falling asleep thinking about tomorrow after school.

Some Random Things

Why are dogs so darn cute. Dogs are obviously better than cats. For example dogs are soo playful and they jump around everywhere doing dog stuff and cats are just there. Dogs can also be nicknamed "Doggo" and cats dont have cool nicknames like that, like "catto" thats just not a thing. Dogs also go "bork" and cats are like "meow" and meow takes to much effort to say opposed to bork, bork also sounds cute and fierce at the same time. Aside from that friends are the best. like sometimes you trust friends more than anyone and your like "dang my friends are cool" so yeah.

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